1. fun first date ideas: overthrow ur government w/ the bae

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  2. thotmom:

    Never stop learning about your partner. Never lose that wonder that made you want to get to know them initially because we are constantly growing as individuals.

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  3. What a great, yet tiresome, weekend!

    Plain Jane retreat & went to see the bae ;-)



  5. If I had some money, Cookout would be love right now. Freakin strawberry and banana milkshake, Cajun fries, hush puppies, and a chargrilled burger all the way. YAS.


  6. airville:

    Custom tribal blue Roshe Runs by Niwreig

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    Jakob is so delicious

    he is at the top of my white boo goals

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  8. vndercontrol:

    One of my favorite things to see :)

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    I am so glad I pressed play

    somebody do a mix/remix with this. she gave you bars.

    is that trina’s mom

    Anti TMG ANTHEM!

    bars whoo shit

    this is lifechanging

    when is her mixtape droppin tho?

    But why isn’t she famous

    Someone get this woman in the studio!!!

    She did that!

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  10. 4am

    And my lover…is supposedly sleeping. I’m wide awake. Can’t sleep. Won’t sleep. Might masturbate. No- will masturbate.


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  12. Conversation.

    I want some rough, out-of-this-world

    make my toes curl

    make me cream from the inside out


    deep strokes

    smooth swirls while I’m choked

    type stuff.


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    This nigga Ross is losing so much weight

    Looking great. I’m happy for him.

    Damn. I thought this was a shop for a minute. Ross must be eating right.

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  14. kingmawusi:

    Apparently I was told I don’t give men/boys a chance. The heck I do. I know when I interact with a person whether or not it’s worth a shot. When I meet the right person I won’t question anything. I don’t believe in just talking to talk. I can’t stand people who are in a relationship who think they know all sides of love. Just because something worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for me. Lame niggas don’t get chances.